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What problems do you think parents face when dealing with their children using the internet? How can this problem be solved?

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more. From a professional perspective, the computer has found a permanent place in the workplace. Today, employers still pay to provide computer training to their employees. Tomorrow, corporations will expect prospective job applicants to already possess these critical job skills. Consequently, parents who encourage their child to use the computer for a reasonable period of time daily are in fact investing in the child's future career.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the computer as a technological tool is here to stay. The sooner children become computer-literate, the better for many aspects of their future lives. In today's modern world, computers are needed everyday. Around the world, children use computers from the time they are little.

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It's true that children should have fun when they are young; however, in my opinion, a child who knows how to use the computer will be more successful in the future. My reasons for this view are personal, academic and professional.

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From a personal point of view, computers can help young people to learn more about the world. For example, some children use the Internet to find information on different subjects. In this way, they learn to find answers by themselves. By using the computer when they are little, children feel more comfortable around computers. They also know how to use the computer for different reasons.

We are now so dependent on computers that it is hard to imagine what things would be without them. You have only got to go into a bank when their main computer is broken to appreciate the chaos that would occur if computers were suddenly removed worldwide. In the future, computers will be used to create bigger and even more sophisticated computers.

The prospects for this are quite alarming. They will be so complex that no individual could hope to understand how they work. They will bring a lot of benefits but hey will also increase the potential for unimaginable chaos. They will, for example, be able to fly planes and they will be able to co-ordinate the movements of several planes in the vicinity of an airport.

Providing all the computers are working correctly nothing can go wrong, but if one small program fails--disaster. There is a certain inevitability that technology will progress and become increasingly complex.

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We should, however, ensure that we are still in a position where we can control the technology. It will be too easy to suddenly discover that technology is controlling us. By then it might be too late.

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  7. I believe that it is very important to be suspicious of the benefits that computers will bring and to make sure that we never become totally dependent on a completely technological world. Approximately words. Sample Answer 3 : Computers are relatively new invention and it's been only 50 years or so when the first computer was evolved and till then computers have become an inevitable part of our life and we cannot think even a single day without the uses of computers.

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    From a small departmental shop to a large corporate business, from traffic signal controlling to launching rockets, the computer is a must. To understand that, we will just have to go to a bank, where account holders' information and other financial figures are kept on a server computer. If anything goes wrong with the server computer, the result is overwhelming and devastating. Similarly, in a hospital where all data and medical records are stored in computers and even these computers are used to do many intricate operations.

    Any error with the computers can affect lots of human lives. It seems that computers are a very vital part of the current world and as the speed and capability of computers increasing day by day, we are becoming more dependent.

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    From personal entertainment to collecting outer-space data, from traffic controlling to DNA research, computers are the main tools to depend on. In the future, researchers will use computers and the Artificial Intelligence to bring out the result from most of the research. Human will try to gather more data on outer world and the computer systems and computer controlled machines will be used to find a suitable alternative for the world to live in. Scientists will invade inner-sea environment for more resources. The education system will be mostly dependent on computers.

    As Artificial Intelligence will improve in future, so will the robotics to replace humans by computers to do most of the jobs. Lie detectors and DNA testing system will be flawless and the criminal investigating departments will use the computers to find the clues of any crime.

    Satellite communications and internet would be a part of our lives and all the present communication systems like fax, mail or telegram will be just history for the next coming generation. Most people will read from a computer screen and will write through a keyboard or voice recognition systems. In short, Computer will be used in almost all levels of life from playing video games till digital cyber war in future. Throughout the history, human always invented and still trying to invent new tools and machines to make our lives more secure and easy.

    But no other single device or tool had been so influential like the computer. Day by day we're becoming more and more dependent upon computers. In my opinion, we cannot stop using computers or even we can't lessen the uses of computers. The development of technology will follow its own track no matter what we think about it. Dependency is necessary but too much of it can be malevolent for the whole human race when it comes in term of computers. So we must make sure that we are controlling machines, not the machines controlling us. We don't want a scenario like the famous Hollywood movie "Terminator", where human fighting for their existence against their own created machines.

    Sample Answer 4 : In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in depending on computers. They play a major role in our daily life.

    Nowadays, parents want their child to study in a school which has smart classrooms. Smart classroom consists of a projector, laptop or palmtop for each child. Usage of computers at a hospital is vital because it helps the hospital management to keep track of every patient's medical history. Also, computers are used in Electrocardiogram test, Echo test and in many other tests which save millions of lives. Moreover, this cutting-edge technology is also used in many sports like cricket, football and tennis.

    For example, in cricket, Hawk-eye technology is used to find No-ball and leg-bye wickets. Furthermore, without computers, it would have been impossible for us to find the presence of water on the moon. Consider satellite- it plays a humongous role in Telecommunication and without it human kind cannot think of communicating with overseas friends or relatives. My cousin is just six years old, but she is watching videos in YouTube on her own, which implies that computers attract younger generations.

    Though this advent in "state of the art" technology has many advantages, it also has few disadvantages. Nowadays, children are browsing adult contents on the internet which will surely spoil them. Due to much advancement in technology, it makes a person lazy which is the potential cause of obesity, diabetes and many such diseases. In spite of having few disadvantages, dependency on computers is more appreciable but it should be in limits.

    There should be an equilibrium between science and nature. Model Answer 5: Computers are tools made by human to make things easier and to make our lives advanced. The computers have become an essential product in every house, every office and even in the everyday life of people.

    Programmes in a computer are used to complete tasks in a robot also.