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A very Interesting critic to me says that In her autobiography has a form of imprisonment because of her telling what happened to her in her childhood other girls who read it may grow up into women with that consciousness.

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Either way, the poems produced in my own assignment, were just thoughts on paper. While Angelou has no set schemes in her work, the self-fabricated poems made, were also set up the same. While it is believed the more that is researched, the more that is known, how this was conveyed in this project was not straightforward. Everything that was assigned, needed to have two or more examples.

Who Was Maya Angelou?

Whether one chose to look up two biographies and two literary analyses, or two literary analyses and original poems, the duplication in finding two examples was unnecessary. The message could have been depicted through one example each. Finding the information grew to be mundane, and how all of the details found would be gathered into one essay was perplexing. Same for the literary analysis.

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Learning about Maya Angelou was enlightening, and this project allowed me to view her work in a different light. She is able to shine a strong light on herself that sets her apart from the rest. The project could have been absolutely successful if it had not repeated so many steps in finding the same information in separate places, or writing irrelevant and original poems.

11 Works By Maya Angelou You Must Read

In the future, an essay based solely on one poem by an author, with only a paragraph of biographical information would benefit the student. This would allow oneself to look more into the poets techniques, schemes, and deeper meanings. An inspirational woman is that who embraces her times of turmoil and converts them to a learning lesson. She does not fear smiling in order to cheer up another person even if inside she is hurting. This woman does not allow gender, age, or race to hinder her from exploring life just like other people who are more privileged compared to her.

List of Maya Angelou works

Drawing from her wise, honest, and persevering attitude, Maya Angelou is a phenomenon woman who is my inspiration. Maya Angelou endured sexual abuse, racial discrimination, and other impediments but she remained humbled around cultural, family, and community values.

Maya Angelou - Interview - Full

Maya Angelou was one of the most successful author, poet, and civil rights activist who were admired universally by many. She was famously known for her teachings using poetry and spoken word, which highlighted the experiences of being an African-American woman leaving in the United States.

A Guide to Maya Angelou's Most Beloved Books

Most of her works were also inspirational which helped to shape the modern-day prose and poetry Haigh 1. The same kind of zeal and motivation that Maya exemplifies has helped me to handle any kind of challenge that I encounter and make it work for me, but not against me.

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  7. Wright Museum, I began pondering whether Maya ever knew she would end up on exhibits, television shows, Broadway stages, traveling the world and being able to speak five languages fluently.