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The last chance a student can test the outcome of a test is at the night before an exam. But there are some do's that can positively affect the result of an exam.

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For example, a student should take a proper but light meal before the exam night. He should avoid coffee, tea and other beverages which will hamper the sleep.

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He can take a quick and short revision of the overall syllabus but he shouldn't wake till late night if the examination is at early morning. Schedule a question-answer review with a friend can be beneficial. But a student should not waste his time by gossiping and chatting with friends. A student can try to figure out the weak points and can have a look before going to bed. It will increase his confidence level. A student should make all his stuff ready for the examination before the night of exam. It will save his time in the morning.

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The most important thing is before exam one should keep himself calm and hold his confidence for achieving success. Daily life. Jennifer Thompson March 5, at PM. Unknown July 29, at PM.

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Do not rely upon an all-night cram session the night before the test. There can be a delicate balance between the last work that you think is necessary and a loss of sleep that will make you function at less than your capacity during the exam. The day of the test, do not study , especially if you usually become nervous and have "test anxiety". Do something else; watch television or take a walk to get your mind off it.

This keeps you from thinking too much and misting the information around, making yourself scared in the process.

If you must study, just look over your outlines and review any hard facts, but do not put yourself through another review again. A cool head and straightforward powers of organisation are two of the most desirable attributes of a successful writer of exams. Do not panic and rush when you read the questions. Be sure that you grasp what they mean and choose the ones if you are given a choice for which you are best prepared. A very short outline may be useful so that you will not forget the main points in your intended answer.

But beware of writing more than half a dozen points, and you usually should not even sketch the sub-points in this outline.

Essay on The Night Before an Examination

Some students write so long an outline that they then have little time for their essay. Above all be certain that you are really answering the question that is asked rather than a question you would prefer to answer. Students frequently see a key word or phrase and do not think further about the context in which it appears. They may wind up writing a very good essay that has nothing to do with the question. Those who write quickly do not always know what they are talking about and conversely, slow writers may very well write excellent essays.

But whether you write very much or very little you must finish your essay in the time allowed. It is not uncommon for students to do poorly because they miscalculate the time. If you have fifty minutes for two essays, for example, you probably will not be able to write much more than a beginning, three or four paragraphs of argument relevant to that beginning and relevant to the question or statement , then a conclusion for each essay.

The Day Before An Examination Essay

All parts of the answer should be relevant. For them, everything bears a sad look because they think about the examination only. The examinees also prepare their paraphernalia before going for the examination. A couple of pens, and tools for drawing and painting are put in order. When they go to sleep at night, they set the alarm so that they can get up early and revise their notes for the last time.

No one in this world likes to be examined. A day before an examination is a day not of elevated spirits and delightful moods but a day of disturbed mind. However, the students try to keep their thoughts focussed. Your email address will not be published.