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Aquino as president. Since then, all the succeeding administrations after are classified as being under the Fifth Republic. Even as Quezon left Manila for the temporary refuge of Corregidor, he issued instructions to officials of the Commonwealth government that were left behind.

Laurel justice secretary , Claro M.

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Recto head for the departments of education, health and public welfare , Quintin Paredes head of public works and communication and Jose Yulo Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Also established at around this time was the only political organization allowed in the Philippines: the Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas or Kalibapi. After Japanese forces captured Santos in Cebu, he was offered a role in the new civil administration. Santos refused and he was executed on May 2, The killing of Santos was a bitter reminder for the remaining Commonwealth officials of what awaited them if they dared go against the wishes of Imperial Japan.

It was a simple job for the members of the PCPI.

All they did was adopt the 12 of the Articles of the Commonwealth Constitution. However, the Constitution they drafted was notable for not having a Bill of Rights.

The Kalibapi ratified this Constitution on September 7, , and a new National Assembly was formed. On September 20, , the Kalibapi held a party convention to elect 54 members of the National Assembly, which was supposed to have members.

Pres. Jose P. Laurel and members of his cabinet celebrates 1st Anniversary of Philippine Republic.

The remaining 54 slots in the National Assembly were reserved for city mayors and governors who were elected under the Commonwealth government and had survived the onset of hostilities. THE Kalibapi proceeded to elect part of the new National Assembly, which also included appointed members. The National Assembly elected Jose P. Laurel as President. However, under the Constitution, a declaration of war must be approved by the National Assembly for it to be official.

Dr. Jose P. Laurel as President of the Second Philippine Republic

Such subterfuge Laurel effectively prevented the Japanese government from conscripting Filipinos to fight against the US and its allies. The Makapili was formed after Laurel refused to allow Japanese officials to conscript Filipinos into the Japanese military. The lasting image in the Filipino psyche of the Makapili is the masked informer who pointed out for the Japanese those who were actively guerrilla supporters or actual members.

When Laurel refused to allow Japan to conscript Filipinos as soldiers of Imperial Japan, he took a very grave risk, according to Ramos. Doing anything untoward to Laurel could jeopardize their propaganda of a benevolent Japan in Asia. Jose P.

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