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Those who work hard for little pay also have little to offer their children in terms of upward social mobility. A politically disenfranchised group of working poor cannot contribute to business growth.

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Shrinking Middle-Class America" a variety reference materials books, articles, journals, an internet sources long information cited proven-based gathered survey research data relation topic The Shrinking Middle-Class America. The shrinking middle-class in America The societies across the globe continue to face challenges, which impact global evolution. Within the United States, a notable social concern is represented by the shrinking of the middle class, a phenomenon that has accelerated throughout the past recent years. The current project finds that the main causes of the trend are represented by changes in society and economy, and more recently exacerbated by the economic crisis.

The solutions proposed to resolve the issue include economic measures for job creation, political reforms to support the labor market and improve government services or efforts to improve the access to education. Table of contents Introduction Introduction to the topic of the shrinking American middle class Background to…… [Read More]. Human Justice Can Never Be.

Since homosexual couples are not allowed to get married, health insurance benefits are not available through these means.

Economic Inequality Essay

Additionally, gay and lesbian patients face particular prejudice from "homophobic" health care providers, and may avoid seeking health care if they suspect that they will encounter such prejudice Quittner Furthermore, some health care practitioners may actually refuse treatment of some patients based on religious or moral objections, and in some states doctors' rights to do this may soon be protected by law.

Bills have been introduced in Arkansas, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and est Virginia that would give health care workers, from doctors to pharmacists, the right to refuse treatment or medication to any patient based on ethical, moral, or religious reasons, while in Georgia health care professionals are already legally allowed to discriminate based on their own moral or ethical beliefs Kuhr The injustices within the…… [Read More].

Globalization and the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor. Pattern of Global Inequality and Globalization The extreme inequality in distribution of global income is an issue that has attracted considerable concerns in the recent past and generated questions regarding the effectiveness of the current development model. Global inequality is a major issue for world's economies since it slows economic growth and creates social and health problems.

Global inequality continues to occur despite recognition that it's a dysfunctional process with huge negative impacts on development and increased need to ensure equity is at the core of development agenda. Inequality across the globe has been highlighted by existing trends in commodity prices, employment, and government spending.

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Globalization has played a crucial role in increasing global inequality since it has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Even though globalization focuses on more integration of countries across the globe, it contributes to global inequality by widening the gap between the…… [Read More]. Strategic Partnerships With the EU. In this sense, it is not simply a matter of theoretical approach, but also one that is accompanied by data. This can be interpreted as being the result of a series of development strategies that did not improve the condition of the society. Also, this period was indeed characterized by increased political distress that only contributed to the way in which development programs were constructed, managed, and implemented.

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In later years, through the United Nations programs, the increased donor contributions, the GDP per capita increased substantially,…… [Read More]. Social Welfare Policy. The "absolute measure" is based on the threshold below which any family is unable to meet basic needs for living, or those having not enough income for food, shelter and clothing. The thresholds are generally based on the economy food plan, since it was determined that families spend one third of their after tax income on food, or are adjusted based on changes to the Consumer Price Index.

However, this method is not realistic in terms of modern society. The "absolute method" does not account for income such as food stamps, school lunches, or public housing, nor does it account for income expenses such as taxes, child support payments, medical costs, health insurance premiums, or child care. The model for poverty in the United States should be adapted to account for disposable income, and use…… [Read More].

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Cost Benefit Globalization. Globalization has brought tremendous benefits to human society, in terms of quality of life, but as with anything, it comes with costs. Many authors have argued that there are both positive and negative effects of globalization, and to evaluate the merits of globalization is simply to balance these effects. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? This ends up being a matter of perspective, and it also often compels one to analyze the existing state of the world vs.

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An imaginary non-globalized state. Globalization is cited for increasing the wealth of many -- living standards have increased for billions. It is also criticized for increased wealth inequality. This paper will demonstrate that the costs of globalization do indeed outweigh the benefits. The costs are not trivial, but they are also overstated in a few key respects.

A lot of these costs reflect flaws in the system design of globalization, but since…… [Read More]. Is Democratic Governance Slipping Away.


The authors Sidney Verba, Kay Lehman Schlozman, and Henry E, Brady focus their attention on the theme of political participation and the growing inequality within that participation e. An argument can be made that this research presents a prologue to what has become a huge issue and problem in That is, because of the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision, which allows those with untold millions of dollars to spend their cash on campaigns without any accountability as to who made those contributions, there is a huge participatory inequality in That said, the scholarly article by Verba, et al.

Biased Media. Media Failings Medial Failings The media is often assailed for a number of failings. These failings include focusing on the wrong things, not focusing on the right things nearly enough and focusing on the proper things in the wrong overall way. While the media certainly mishandles class issues and other problems of import, their usual goal is probably not comedy but instead pushing one worldview and viewpoint over another and specifically instead of another.

While media in general is largely ineffectual and problematic on a number of levels, some of their activities border on the insidious and starkly negative. The pull quote from the test pretty much summarizes Diana Kendall's summary of American media in a nutshell.

To show the quote again and in its entirety, it was "rather than providing a meaningful analysis of inequality and showing realistic portrayals of life in various social classes, the media either play…… [Read More]. Economic and Constitutional Issues Surrounding.

It is also argued that the insurance mandate is not constitutional since the government does not have the right to tell the United States citizens what products to purchase, even when these products are beneficial for them, and even less when the socio-economic impact of purchasing the respective items is questionable Savage, Arguments against changing the direction of the policy Once again delaying any measures to restructure and resolve the two impending problems in the health care system raising costs and insufficient coverage does not constitute a constructive approach to resolving the impending problems Aside the socio-economic problems it raises, the mandatory health insurance would ensure that all the U.

Democracy and Clientelism. Democracy and Clientelism: Political clientelism is basically considered as the distribution of discriminatory benefits to people or groups in exchange for political support.

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Clientelism is a form of personal exchange that is always characterized by uneven balance of power between those involved and a sense of compulsion. Throughout history, this term has continued to create confusion and controversy due to the broad and varied range of political exchanges that it contains. Since it's a way with which the uneven and hierarchical exchanges of a feudal society are described, clientelism is also a means of describing the relationships between patrons and clients. The theory of democracy explains that voters have the right of making their choices freely, particularly during political elections.

This concept has created new platforms for representation and political accountability as well as the benefits for sustaining and cultivating clientelistic bonds Szwarcberg, In places with weak democracies, clients…… [Read More].

Research on Economic Inequality

These problems can hinder the development of a high quality of life for all Americans by creating structural barriers to success. Some important steps would be to increase political participation at the roots level of all underrepresented members of society and to lend a voice to those who currently have little say in the governance of the nation. Wk-4 DQ The political-economic system is generally set up along the lines of specific economic ideology that helps to define the role of government in the development of American society.

The nature of work is in part defined by economic principles as well, for example the prevailing view that low-priced labor is key to competitiveness. This ideology intends to promote maximum economic development but it differs from the reality of work, in which economic distribution fails most Americans while benefiting few. Some of the major causes of illiteracy are inadequate…… [Read More]. Alcohol Consumption Has Been Increasingly. As the desire, to be successful would push everyone to engage in some form of alcohol consumption.

Where, those individuals who were engaging in such activities were often viewed in positive light, by being thought of as team players. This is important, because it underscores how the common stereotypes of low income individuals drinking alcohol is not true. Magadelna, Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than the data that was collected. Where, it would show how an increase would take place in the number of individuals who are consuming alcohol. As the older someone becomes, would have an effect upon their overall levels of alcohol consumption.