Cassini scientist for a day essay contest 2012

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The objective of the contest was to gather information about what the students knew about the Saturn. The students, participating in the contest, were asked to write what did they know about one of the three targets: Saturn and its seven rings, "pan moon" which is innermost moon of the Saturn and F ring of the Saturn. Four of the winners said they had interest in astronomy and wanted to go for higher studies in the subject.

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Urja Pandya, Std X student of Baroda High School Alkapuri branch , said she was not influenced by any of the astronauts but had deep interest in astronomy. Dhruv Kumar, a Std X student of St. Paul's School at Begusarai, said, he developed interest in astronomy after coming in contact with Kolkata Astronomy Centre representatives Kostov Chaudhary and Tharthasarthy Roy when they visited his home town in June It not only acquired a wealth of data that led to numerous discoveries, but also raised a new generation of planetary scientists, including myself.

Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest

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Cassini Scientist for a Day 2012 - Target 3 (Saturn)

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Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest 2012

Math is the language of science. More about Brent Buffington. The wonderful part of working at JPL is that perfection isn't expected; however, progression is expected. More about Albert "Joey" Jefferson. Graphics Illustrations, artwork and infographics that reveal the inner workings of the Cassini mission.

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Hall of Fame Cassini has returned thousands of great images. These are the best of the best. In this research project, students will be asked to germinate the seeds, but the two sets will not be identified until their results are reported to the web site. Click here to go to the Tomatosphere web site for more information.

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Your team will propose a solution to a real problem in your community and compete for State, Regional and National Awards. Click here to learn how to register as a virtual judge, or participate with students for the eCybermission contest. A Pringle. Artwork-Cassini at Saturn.

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