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Remember, you do not need to be perfect to pass the bar exam — almost all of the examinee answers do not include every possible issue, and some even have incorrect statements of law. You only need to be better than average to do well on the MEE essay section.

Reviewing model essays are good for many reasons as discussed below , but can add a certain level of stress for examinees because they think writing a perfect essay is the goal. Other than that, you should NOT use examinee answers for any other purpose.

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This includes learning the law because the answers often contain incorrect or outdated rule statements. Essentially, you can see what the graders used to score past essays, and can see every issue raised in the essay question. The model MEE Analyses are ideal to grade yourself when writing practice essays because they contain every issue, rule statement, analysis, and conclusion required for an IRAC analysis. They can also be used for issue spotting practice , as discussed in Chapter 5 Step 4 of this guide.

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Just keep in mind that the MEE Analyses are answers drafted by the examiners who have unlimited time and access to law books, statutes, and cases when drafting. Check out our Privacy Policy.

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Download the PDF. Model Answers vs. Sample Examinee Answers. In our opinion, Sample Examinee Answers should only be used in one way… to see what a good passing essay looks like. Specifically, you should review a few past examinee essays to see: The level of detail needed in your answer — it is much less than shown in the Model MEE Analyses; The structure and organization of a good essay; and What a well-written IRAC analysis looks like.

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So, teach the law to whoever will listen, be it a saintly significant other, a child, or even your dog. Even an inanimate object will do the trick. To avoid misdirected communication, create an imaginary persona to represent your essay grader. Visualize and empathize with your grader. Give her a name. And know this: Most Bar essay graders are not law professors, judges, or employees of large firms.

More likely, examiners outsourced this duty to contract readers and trained them to grade your exam. Multiple-choice questions tell graders what you do not know. Essays, on the other hand, show graders, definitively, what you do know.

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Unfortunately, whether this is blessing or curse will depend largely upon how well you know your stuff. Regardless, this fact can and should inform how you approach this section of the test. Be sure to display what you do know rather than spending all of your time tackling your weakest area of knowledge within the question. Graders need to see that you can reason and write like a lawyer. Avoid this at all costs. Practice equanimity, regroup, and focus on whatever you do know.

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With more than 40 years of experience preparing students for all sections of the UBE, Pieper Bar Review places a heavy emphasis on ensuring its enrollees develop comprehensive essay-writing skills to help them score high on the MEE. This includes regular essay-composition assignments, along with timed practice exams graded by actual attorneys, and an essay-writing workshop designed specifically to focus on this all-important aspect of the UBE.

The proof that the Pieper teaching method works is found in the success of our former students — now present-day attorneys.

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Learn more. As a first time bar exam taker, if you don't pass the Uniform Bar Exam after completing Pieper's Full Bar Review Course, you can re-take our next course for free! Pieper's Full Guarantee. My Cart Log in.

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Purpose As outlined by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the MEE tests your ability to: recognize legal issues amid hypothetical legal situations; differentiate between relevant and irrelevant material; present a clear, concise and well-reasoned analysis; and demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamental legal principles raised by the fact scenarios. Here are three best practices to help get you there: Use effective study habits. Complete thorough formative self-assessments , often.

Learn memorization techniques. Typical UBE prep consists of about study hours throughout two months.

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So, for the MEE, distributed practice should look something like focusing on one practice essay per study day, or five-six essays each week starting, perhaps, in the second month of prep, after you have a solid handle on all of the rules , rather than dedicating eight-hour blocks to marathon essay writing in the final few weeks leading up to the exam. When using this method, commit to it fully by mimicking testing conditions. Remove distractions such as your cell phone and any background noise music player or TV.

If you are typing your MEE section, be sure to close your browser; you won't have access to the internet during the UBE anyway. If snacking has been a crutch throughout all of test prep, practice sitting the full three hours without a snack. Formative self-assessment is arguably the most important element of effective practice testing.